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Personal data policy

1. Purpose of the personal data policy

1.1 The purpose of MCIP - Sustainability Consultants' personal data policy is to explain how MCIP - Sustainability Consultants processes, including collects, passes on, protects, uses and provides insight into personal data.

1.2 This personal data policy covers MCIP - Sustainability Consultants' processing of personal data that is obtained about customers and suppliers when they are registered with MCIP - Sustainability Consultants, including in connection with sales, administration, use of the company's website and upon registration.

1.3 This personal data policy also deals with the processing of the personal data that MCIP - Sustainability Consultants' business partners may exchange with MCIP - Sustainability Consultants on the basis of a legal processing basis.


2. Definition

2.1 Personal data means information of any kind that can be used to identify a natural person, including, but not limited to, name, social security number, address and contact information, as well as information about inquiries to MCIP - Sustainability Consultants in connection with sales and customer dialogue.


3. What personal data does MCIP - Sustainability Consultants collect

3.1 MCIP - Sustainability Consultants uses personal data to run advisory and consulting services within, among other things, EU taxonomy and sustainability, including to be able to carry out the actions and initiatives that are necessary to issue offers, enter into agreements and carry out general consultancy. Of personal data, MCIP - Sustainability Consultants usually collects only name, address and telephone number. MCIP - Sustainability Consultants does not collect special personal information, including health information and social information.

3.2 MCIP - Sustainability Consultants may only obtain personal data to the extent necessary and justified.


4. How does MCIP - Sustainability Consultants collect and register


4.1 MCIP - Sustainability Consultants collects personal data upon registration with MCIP - Sustainability Consultants, including when the company's website is used for contact.


4.2 MCIP - Sustainability Consultants can also obtain relevant personal data from business partners.


4.3 When personal data is registered, the registered person will receive information about:

⬧ the identity of the data controller

⬧ the purpose that justifies the personal data processing

⬧ the legal basis for obtaining personal data

⬧ information about any recipients of the information

⬧ the criteria for how long the personal data is maintained

⬧ other rights according to the Personal Data Regulation, including 1) the right to access 2) the right to correct factual information 3) the right to "be forgotten" 4) the right to demand that data processing be limited 5) the right to object to direct marketing 6 ) ban on profiling 7) the right to data portability.



5. Disclosure of personal data


5.1 MCIP - Sustainability Consultants may not pass on or sell personal data to third parties. However, MCIP - Sustainability Consultants may pass on personal data in the following cases:


5.2 MCIP - Sustainability Consultants has obtained the necessary written consent for this;


5.3 MCIP - Sustainability Consultants needs to disclose personal data in order to provide the product or service requested by the data subject;


5.4 If MCIP - Sustainability Consultants has to respond to subpoenas etc. or take other legal steps;


5.5 MCIP - Sustainability Consultants finds that actions when using MCIP - Sustainability Consultants' products or services are in violation of the terms of use of these and on the condition that MCIP - Sustainability Consultants has a legitimate interest in countering this use, which exceeds the customer's interest in personal data not being passed on.


5.6 MCIP - Sustainability Consultants is obliged to pass on personal data according to law, e.g. to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority or other authority.


6. Cookies


6.1 MCIP - Sustainability Consultants uses cookies.


7. Editing and deletion of personal data


7.1 Upon request, the data subject has the right to have incorrect personal data edited and deleted if the conditions for deletion are met, including that the personal data in question is no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected.


7.2 MCIP - Sustainability Consultants may not delete personal data before MCIP - Sustainability Consultants is entitled to do so in accordance with applicable legislation, including the Bookkeeping Act, which requires that accounting information be kept for 5 years.


8. Insight


8.1 MCIP - Sustainability Consultants must at any time, upon request from the data subject, disclose what information MCIP - Sustainability Consultants has registered about the person concerned, for what purpose and to whom personal data may be disclosed, as well as when it is deleted.

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