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ESG Bæredygtighed rapportering klima

The starting point is always the customer's current position in the market.


Both the Analysis and the subsequent Planning form the 'base level' for the further assessment of the strategic development, including processing of sustainability and the Sustainability Profile.


Methods from ESG, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), Foreningen Danske Revisorer, Wharton Business School, Stanford University, Boston Consulting Group, Erasmuss University, London University, UN Global Compact,  are fundamental in the preparation as during the entire development process.  

ESG Bæredygtighed rapportering klima

The execution is the pivot point.

The organization and resource allocation itself is planned in close cooperation with the customer and the relevant unit or overall organisation.

Training of the board, management team and key personnel.


Specialization SME and Top100

ESG Reporting

EU Taxonomy

​Supply chain/supplier scanning.


Implementation and anchoring are the basis for progress that maintains momentum over the agreed time horizon.

ESG Bæredygtighed rapportering klima

For the customer, the development process will always lead to concrete  activities that lead to measurable results.

Likewise, a course - shorter or longer - that is modularly built  - so that it can be started and finished according to will and agreement -  here also with measurable partial results.

See for example:

  • ESG Sustainability reporting

  • Strategy development, Market, ESG

  • Implementation support / Project

  • EU Taxonomy

  • Training & Education in DK / UK

  • Clarification of KPI and objectives

  • International network

  • Project participation / management

  • Supplychain / upstream/downstream

  • Declarations / Assurance

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